Monday, 30 July 2012

DIY: Glitter iphone/ipad/ipod touch charger

Wanna glam and glitter up your boring old iphone/ipad/ipod touch charger? well if so i have a fun, quick and easy way!

What You’ll Need:
Mod podge – clear works and looks the best
Glitter – Choose any color that you want. Be creative: mix and match!
Clear acrylic sealer – This will ensure that your masterpiece can last as long as possible!
masking tape or any type of sticky tape – Be sure to choose one that won’t leave any sticky residue and tape over the metal plugs so you don’t damage the charger. btw masking tape is probably best to use!

1. Start out by taping over all of the metal pieces so they don’t get ruined while you get crafty
2. Paint over where you want to add glitter with your clear mod podge
3. Before the base coat dries, add as much glitter as you like!
4. Once you have the glitter exactly how you want it, let it all completely dry
5. To finish, apply a coat of the clear acrylic sealer to keep everything in place and to avoid a future mess!
6. Lastly, remove all of the tape from the metal pieces and try it out to make sure it still works

This is another way you can do it, with nail polish!
Just put tape over the metal pieces so they don't get ruined, then use glitter nail polish. you can use any colour or type you like because you dont have to use glitter! paint the nail polish over the parts you want and wait for it to completey dry. this step is optional but use a top coat to protect your charger and stop it from chipping! if you make any mistakes or want to remove a bit just use nail polish remover, its probably best to use acetone free nail polish remover, to avoid ruining your charger. and your done! hope you enjoy your new iphone/ipad/ipod touch charger!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Get ready with me! movies ♥

NOTE: there is no sound in this video! play your own music or open another tab and play music from youtube unless you don't care about sound lol beauty and fashion channel - lilbeautymonster vlog channel - lilmonstervlogz twitter - @pinkfluffypen instagram - stylemonster pose - fashionmonster snapeee - littlemonster

How to: perfect red lip tutorial

i forgot to post this video to my blog but luckly i remembered today and i will have more posts up soon.

Products used in this video:
Australis red lip pencil
Trushi lipstick in valentine shine
Mary Kay lipgloss in berry sparkle
Maybelline fit me concealer
Maybelline fit me powder

Saturday, 14 July 2012

New BEAUTY faves, saving to buy!

I'm really excited to get revlon's new colorburst lip butters! I have been doing chours for money and then saving my money to buy the new collection from revlon. I have a long way to go! when i went into the shops to check out the new lip butters, i fell in love with them straight away! i used the testers and testered them on the back of my hand, the colours are great! they smell nice to. they cost $21 each and i have at least $20 so far.

i also am saving and love rimmel's lip glosses (vinyl max) they have have great range and the brushs on them are huge! i love big lipgloss brushs.

DIY: Glitter Clothes peg Magnets

I saw these really cute glitter clothes pin magnets on blogs and websites and thought i would try them out. this will look great in space and really to do!

these are really fun and easy, just follow the instuctions and your space will be jazzed up in no time!
  1. Lay out a sheet of wax paper onto a flat surface (this might get a little messy!)
  2. Apply acrylic paint on every side of each wooden clothes peg
  3. Allow them to completely dry by clipping them to the edge of an extra wax paper sheet
  4. Once they’re dry, apply a thick coat of the mod podge to the top of your clothes pegs
  5. Lay the clothes pegs on the wax paper, glue side up, and sprinkle your favorite pretty color of glitter over them so that all three sides of each clothes peg are completely covered
  6. Then, once all three sides are completely dry, apply a magnetic strip to the back of each pin and you’re done!
instructions are from Here

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The 5 minute makeup challenge

The 5 minute makeup challenge! i actually compleated! products used
in video: maybelline fit me concealer maybelline fit me powder maybelline volume express falsies macara australis eyebrow pencil DB designer brands lipgloss in watermelon twitter - @pinkfluffypen subscribe to my youtube channels: beauty channel - lilbeautymonster vlog channel - lilmonstervlogz instagram - stylemonster pose - fashionmonster snapeee - littlemonster

My everyday makeup routine

my my not so everyday makeup routine! twitter: subscribe to my beauty channel: subscribe to my vlog channel: instagram - stylemonster pose - fashionmonster snapeee - littlemonster

Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY: lady gaga born this way jacket

Here is how to make lady gaga's born this way jacket!

What you will need:
Jacket, denim or leather (i'm using a denim jacket which i got from the op shop, you can use an old one, buy a new one or second hand)
Gold and black fabric paint (i used reno art acrylic paint)
glue (hot glue gun, i used selly's multi grip glue)
paint brushes
glitter (optional)
picture of lady gaga's born this jacket

method:using the picture of gaga's jacket, you can print one out and trace or draw by hand. i copyed a picture of gaga's jacket a drew on paper and then cut it out and traced around it onto my jacket of the words and unicorn.
now start painting, using a paint brush, paint the words and unicorn with gold fabric paint (reno art acrylic paint). paint at least 2 or 3 layers.
my mum did this bit because she was worried i was going to stuff up because YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO FIX IT!
using a sponge and black fabric paint, sponge around the words and unicorn. i also used a thinner sponge to get into the thinner/smaller gaps.
using glue (hot glue gun or what i used, selley's multi grip glue) and yellow/gold rhinstones/gems (on gaga's jacket she has circle rhinstones but i could not find circle ones so i used teardrop rhinstones and square. i also ran out of the yellow ones and had other ones which were different shapes and colours.
glue on the rhinstones to the words.
after that your done! i decided to make mine a little bit more colourful and added some pink glitter.

And your done hope you enjoy your born this way jacket! i could not wait to wear mine to the born this way ball :D paws up!

travel haul

this is my first video on youtube and i decided to do a travel haul because i was going on a small holiday (4 days)to see my family and to go to the born this way ball aka lady gaga's concert. i bought a few things for when i leave so i thought i will share it with you guys. please subscribe to my channel 'lilbeautymonster' and look out for more videos... oh and i have just made a vlog channel to and i have a video uploading but anyway subscribe! 'lilmonstervlogz'