Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stylist magazine interviews lady gaga

I thought this would be a awesome post for you beauties and little monsters. The stylist asks gaga a lot of makeup/beauty related questions and thought it be great to share with you. So I'm bringing gaga related stuff onto my blog more often now but I'm still gonna post beauty and fashion stuff, this is kinda one. Enjoy! Click here > Stylist magazine interviews lady gaga

Happy gagaween!

Happy late Halloween everyone! Yes I know I'm watching the vampire diaries season 3 in my bedroom and it's 2:48am as I'm writing this so Halloween was yesterday. So I decided to make this blog post just to show and tell you what I did for Halloween lol you know what? I did nothing, to be honest I had no idea it for Halloween until seeing tweets and my aunty told me its Halloween. So omg it's today (yesterday) because I was wondering when it was. in my country (Australia) we don't celebrate Halloween some people do, they like to dress up, kids in my st go around trick or treating. So what I really did was went swimming with my aunty, brother and my cousin. And then when I got home I decided to do some gaga makeup for Halloween for the last few hours left of Halloween this year. And then I watched scary movies and that's pretty much it! I know boring but I hopefully will do something for Halloween next year and do some tutorials for Halloween if your wondering why no videos were up on my YouTube channel, my laptop has a virus so I couldn't but anyway that's it enjoy the picture of my makeup that I did for gagaween :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Helen green: Iphone cases, Artwork, T-shirts and more!

A few weeks ago when I was on I came across to a post of these awesome lady gaga iPhone cases that you can buy online on helen green I went on to this website and I found they sold more then just iPhone cases! They had iPod touch and iPhone skins, laptop and iPad skins, tote bags, T-shirts, artwork and more.

i thought this would be a great blog post because well who does not love stuff of there fave artist or actor? take a look at these picture below and see if you like anything, they don't just have lady gaga (most of the stuff is) i noticed they had edward scissorhands, lana del rey and more!

You can choose your size, colour and style. (it depends on what your getting)

i will keep you updated on anything i might get from here and do reviews and let you guys know if anything is worth buying but if you check it out and buy anything let me know what you think.

click here > Helen Green I Society6
helen green: hoodies
helen green: T-shirts
helen green: tote bags
helen green: laptop and ipad skins
helen green: iphone cases
helen green: art prints

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Unboxing and review of lady gaga fame EAU DE PARFUM

A few weeks ago i wen't shopping and wen't to myer, in a different town because they have some shops that where i live we do not have. So since i was near myer and i had to wait so long to get fame (because it was not out in my town at the time) because well i could NOT wait that long for FAME! i mean come on who can? well anyway here is a unboxing and review of lady gaga FAME eau de parfum.
in myer 

in myer at the front of the counter
at myer with my fame bag

this is whats inside the bag:
fame roll-on perfume, fame sunglasses, fame perfume, and
2 fame samples

also what came inside the bag. this is a double sided
fame poster