Monday, 10 September 2012

DIY: lip scrub

Have dry, cracked lips? well if so you will love this quick, easy, yummy lip scrub and will leave you with will soft, kissable lips!

Brown sugar
honey (if you don't have honey or allergic to honey you can just use olive oil)
small container

1. pour one tea spoon of sugar into the small container
2. two table spoons of honey (i used how ever much i liked)
3. put in a small amount of vaseline (petroleum jelly) into the small container
4. mix well!

And that's it! just apply to your lips with your finger and rub in all that sugar that's in the lip scrub and it will remove any dead skin and the honey just adds flavor and the vaseline will moisturize you lips. And then remove with a tissue and apply some lip balm. enjoy your yummy lip scrub. :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cheap makeup and clothing haul

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of videos! I'm having trouble uploading to videos to YouTube but anyway hope you like this video. Everything I purchased is from Kmart and chemist warehouse and I paid for everything with my own money.

Wearable pink and green makeup tutorial

NOTE: this video is (re-uploaded!!) I was not happy with the first one.
I love this look and have been wearing this a lot! I would love to see if you Tryed it out so leave a comment or video response.

Products used in this video:
Designer brands 48 shimmer palette
BYS eyeshadow in bold and bright
W7 black liquid eyeliner
Maybelline XXL extensions mascara
W7 powder blush in baby pink
Designer brands lavish lipgloss in 599 fairy floss