Monday, 21 May 2012

My top 10 uses of vaseline (petroleum jelly)

 There are so many ways you can use vaseline its bascialy just petroleum jelly
it says its for cuts, scraps rough skin etc but there are so many other things you
use it for!
These are just my top 10 uses of vaseline (petroleum jelly).
1. Chapped/dry and sore lips! my lips get dry and sore really easy especially during summer and winter
so i use vaseline (petroleum jelly) because it works the best and adds shine to my lips.
2. Put vaseline on your cuticles everyday to make them soft and strong and look more healthy looking.
3. You can make your own lip gloss and lip balm and much more! I have posted a DIY how to make your own lip gloss/lip balm on my blog.
4. If you have nail poilsh bottles that wont open rub some vaseline on them and they will open and wont get stuck.
5. If you elbows, ankles, feet are dry apply vaseline to them before bed and put socks on and the next
morning they will be so soft.
6.  Have a matte lipstick that would look better shiny? line your lips with a lip liner
(the same colour as your lipstick) then mix some of your lipstick with a dab of vaseline on the back
of your hand and use a lip brush to apply to your lips to avoid runny lipstick.
7. Chocolate lip gloss! Mix a chocolate chip with a bit of vaseline in the microwave and apply to
your lips it will dry slightly and become the perfect chocolate lip gloss/lip gloss.
8. dab some vaseline on your wrist, neck or where you spritz your purfume.
9. Have a bad habbit of biting your nails? This drys the skin around your nails. apply a bit of vaseline
to your skin around your nails (where you bite them) and hey will visibly smoother.
10. many people believe that coating your eyelashes with vaseline will make your eyelashs grow longer.
apply a coat your eyelashes at night, before you go to bed.

More ways you can use vaseline

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