Wednesday, 11 December 2013

DIY beauty holiday/Christmas gift ideas

Hey everyone!! Sorry i have not been posting a lot lately, i have been very busy this time of the year with school and work. I cannot promise you i will post more often cause i don't make promises i can't keep! Its just a busy time of the year so please bear with me.

Do you have a friend that loves little beauty gifts? Well if so, you come to the right place! I have some fun and easy DIY gifts for any friend who loves makeup or beauty gifts.

DIY Bubble bath

This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to relax in a bubble bath! I know a lot of people loved this DIY that i posted and its perfect for a gift.

DIY Lip scrub

It's nearly summer (Here in Australia it is) and your lips like mine, can get burned and chapped during summer and the same in winter so its good idea to use lip balm but that won't remove any dead skin from your lips so a lip scrub is a must have!

DIY Crayon lipsticks

Yep, you read it, lipsticks made out of crayons! Don't worry this a safe and non-toxic recipe. I can't wait to try this DIY myself! it looks so fun and easy to do.

DIY Lady gaga born this way jacket

This is more of a fashion DIY so This last idea is perfect for any lady gaga fan! (like me! lol) Do you have a friend or family member that loves gaga and her amazing born this way leather jacket? Well if so this is perfect for them! This was really fun for me to make and so easy! (i might have some ARTPOP DIY's coming soon!)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beauty basics: makeup brushes!

To achieve the look you desire, you need the right tools. (brushes) from sponges to eyelash curlers - all a key part of your makeup routine and will help you to achieve the look you desire. Investing in a good quality, basic set of brushes is something you will need to achieve your look, make your application easier and the tools themselves will last longer.

I will show you the basic tools you will need, what they are for and some brushes I Recommend. (if you want to know how to clean your brushes go see my post on How to deep and spot clean your makeup brushes)


Flat brush:
A flat brush is used to apply eyeshadow to the lid. Use a flat brush by patting eyeshadow all over your lid. I like bigger ones because I have more bigger eyes and more lid space, and I also like stiff ones because they pick up more eyeshadow. Use a smaller flat brush if your have less lid space and smaller eyes.

Sigma E60 large shader $5.99

e.l.f studio eyeshadow 'C' brush $14

Dome Crease brush:
A domed shaped crease brush is for a applying eyeshadow to your crease and is also perfect for creating a more smokey eye. You can also get a soft dome shaped brush that is designed for blending, which is a softer more bigger brush, though you can get thinner/smaller ones Especially if your concentrating colour in a certain area.

Sigma E47 - shader - crease $12

e.l.f essentials blending eye brush $2

Pencil brush:
This is used to smudge eyeliner or apply eyeshadow to your top or bottom lash line.

Sigma E30 - pencil $12
e.l.f studio small smudge brush $5.99

Eyebrow and lash comb:

Used to brush and neaten eyebrows and to comb mascara clumps out of eyelashes.

e.l.f studio brow brush $5.99


foundation brush:
A flat brush that has soft bristles that are held tightly together to apply and blend foundation.

Sigma F60 - foundation $18

e.l.f studio angled foundation brush $5.99

Powder brush:

Is used to apply powder all over the face. It can be used to apply blush or bronzer also.

Sigma F20 large powder $29

e.l.f essential powder brush $2

Stippling brush:
Used to stipple foundation on your face creating a more flawless, airbrush finish.

Sigma F50 - duo fibre $23

e.l.f studio stipple brush $5.99

Contour brush:
This brush is used to apply a darker powder (like bronzer) under your cheek bones and other places of your face to contour your face, making your check bones stand out and your face to appear slimmer. I like to contour to mainly make my face appear slimmer in certain areas and it also give my face a more tanned look cause I have really pale skin.

Sigma F05 - small contour $18

Blush brush:
Used to apply blush to your cheeks by applying it on the apples of your cheeks and sweeping up to the top part of your ear.

Sigma F10 - powder/blush $21

e.l.f studio blush brush $5.99

Angled blush/contour brush:
This brush is not necessary but I like to use it to apply blush and to contour my face. But I recommend this to makeup artists.

Sigma F40 - large angled contour $19

e.l.f essential blushing, bronzing and blending brush $2


Lip Brush:
This is used to apply lipstick to your lips to create a more precise easier application. This is def recommend to makeup artists.

Sigma L05 - lip $12

e.l.f essentials lip defining brush $2

Disposable lip Brushes:
These are optional but if your doing someone's makeup you will need these, You do not want to double dip and spread germs... it's just very un-hygienic! You could use a lip brush and spot clean it after every application but when using lipgloss it's a little harder to get out of the tube. So that's why you need lip gloss applicators/disposable lip brushes for lip gloss.

Other tools and disposable stuff:
This stuff i recommend to anyone especially makeup artists.

Eyelash curler:
This scissor-like tool has rubber pads that press on the lashes giving them extra lift and curl. they are used for upper lashes and can be used before and after mascara application.

These are metal and angled and the end, used to remove unwanted hairs.

These come in many shapes and sizes, wedge ones are the best to apply and blend foundation and to get around the area's like your nose and eyes.

powder puff:
Used to press on face powder to give a smooth finish and keep foundation in place.

Cotton wool pads and balls:
disposable pads and balls, Used to remove makeup and apply toner and loose powder.

Cotton buds:
Can be used to dip in makeup remover to fix up any makeup mistakes.

pencil sharpeners:Make sure to get one specially designed for lip and eye pencils because a ordinary pencil sharpener will break the soft led in the pencil.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beauty basics: how to get makeup ready!

Hey everyone, I'm back with my new series beauty basics! This is based on anything beauty or makeup related. If you have any requests please feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Achieving the perfect base is the first step in your makeup routine, to help your makeup last longer and create a smooth, even base. Keep reading to learn how.

1. A clean face:
After you have cleansed your skin, leave your face a little damp (but not soaking!) this will help your moisturiser to work better.

2. Moisturise:
The creaminess of your moisturiser can cause your makeup to thin out if it hasn't had enough time to soak into your skin, seriously this a step you should consider! If you don't it can make your foundation blotchy and can affect its staying power throughout the day. Wait 60 seconds until your moisturiser is absorbed or if your in a rush use a tissue to blot your face after moisturising. 

3. Prime:
Me, probably you and other makeup artists swear by this step! Face primers do lots of different things: fill in creases, smooth out the skins surface, even out skin tone, help your makeup stick and last longer, helps to disguise blemishes by helping your makeup blend more evenly and reduce shine. Maybe this will teach you to use a primer more often or at least everyday/when you do your makeup. To apply a primer just use your fingers to apply all over your face (don't forget to bring it down your neck) like you would with your moisturiser.

Now your makeup ready! Hope this was helpful and you enjoyed this blog post of my new series beauty basics, I will have more up soon! Again PLEASE leave requests below in the comments!! Don't be lazy or afraid to leave a comment :) xo

Saturday, 24 August 2013

How to deep and spot clean your makeup brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is very important, especially if your a makeup artist doing makeup on other people. It should be part of your beauty routine. You do not want to be putting all that makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria build up back on your face, which can cause You to break out! So it's very important to keep your makeup brushes clean. You should be deep cleaning your makeup brushes once a week and you can spot clean your brushes everyday. I will show You a cheap and easy way to deep clean and spot clean your makeup brushes.

What you will need:
Mild shampoo or baby shampoo
Olive oil
Plate (optional)
Clean towl

Deep cleaning: 
You should deep clean your brushes as least once a week to remove makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria. There are specially formulated makeup brush shampoos but they can be quite exspensive! coastal scents and e.l.f have a cheap brush shampoo you could try. I have never tried them but you can always look up some reviews. I think they are pretty popular cause they are usually always sold out!

1. Start by wetting the bristles under Lukewarm water. You are only wetting the bristles, so try to avoid the metal piece of the brush where the handle meets the head, as this can loosen the glue from the bristles and your brush will fall apart.

2. get a plate and squirt some baby shampoo and olive oil on the plate, dip the tip of the bristles in the baby shampoo and olive oil and work a lather into your hand. This is working in the products to the hairs and cleaning all the makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria build up. (the olive oil is to soften the bristles and it will also break down any waxy stuff like lipstick, eyeliner etc and remove any makeup stains to make the hairs go back to its original colour. the shampoo is cleaning everything and removing all the makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria)

3. Rinse the brush hairs under running lukewarm water, repeat this step while squeezing out the water from the bristles until it runs clear.

4. Wipe the bristles with a clean towel/tea towel to remove any access water, while reshaping the bristles.

5. Lay your brushes flat on a towel to air dry. Do not have the hairs facing up as the water will sink into the brush and loosen the glue from the hairs, as this will make it fall apart.

Spot cleaning:
This is something you can do everyday, after every time you use your brushes. This is a good method and is also very important especially for makeup artists because for example you use a eyeliner brush on someone and then don't clean it and use it on someone else, and they might get a eye infection or something! Also to clean the bristles from like when you use a black eyeshadow and then you use another colour but that black eyeshadow ends up on your face/your clients face and messes up your look! And it keeps the brushes clean Inbetween applications. Again there are brush cleaners specially for spot cleaning, the only one I can think of that you can try, that is really good (but quite exspensive!) is the one from Mac. 

What you will need:
Makeup wipe
Paper towel

Using a clean makeup wipe, wipe the bristles on the wipe until no colour comes off. Then just wipe the bristles on a clean dry paper towel to dry them or just give them a few seconds or a minute to dry.

And there You have it! Squeaky clean, soft and makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria free! 

Have any questions or requests? Please feel free to email me at

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review: Australis neutrals and neons eye shadow & eyeliner palette

 Last week I went shopping at priceline to go shopping to buy some new makeup that I wanted to try + they were having a sale, so I just had to buy something! I picked up this palette from australis, that I sooo had to get, it had some beautiful colours in it and I really wanted try it out. And so far I love this palette! I don't think I have ever done a review before so I thought i would do one. I will be having more reviews on australis cosmetics, so stay tuned for that.

You have your neutral eyeshadows on the top row and your neons on the bottom row.
These eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry and used as eyeliner. (swatches down below of them wet and dry)              

The palette is a shiny black case with a big print of the 'australis' logo.

A tick on my yes list is australis cosmetics loves animals (free of animal testing!)

The palette did come with a applicator but I lost it. it had one side for applying the eye shadow as you normaly would and then it had a angled side for applying it as eyeliner. I prefer to use brushes but a applicator might be good for traveling or if any of you are in a rush or are just starting out with makeup. It also has a really decent sized mirror, which I love! I hate palettes that come with a really tiny mirror! it should not come with a mirror at all if its not a decent size mirror. As for the shadows, we have a white base, a medium brown, a light brown and a dark brown for the neutrals and a blue, orange, green and pink for the neons. 

(Neons dry, with a primer)

When I was swatching the eye shadows I noticed how different the texture was with the neons prepared to the neutrals.
The neutrals are very smooth and powdery and the neons feel more hard and smooth and less powdery... or it that just me?
Except the pink was more the texture of the neutrals and first 3 neons I guess are the odd ones out!

The colours are very pigmented especially the neons but the white eye shadow took a couple of layers to build up the pigmentation! (btw the white shadow is not showing up on camera very well but it is much more pigmented then it looks) and pink I found the most shimmery or almost sparkly.

(Neutrals dry, with a primer)

I think you definitely need to use a base or primer. I used for the swatches in these pictures a white matte eye shadow  primer, so the colours are more vibrant and will last longer. I also swatched the shadows with no primer and I noticed they wore off very quickly after swatching them and the ones with a primer on my other arm are actually still very there but the ones with no primer were on bare skin. but the first time I wore these eye shadows, I had no primer on and they still were very pigmented and lasted longer but I think its because I had concealer on my lid!

(Neons wet with no primer)

I did not realize that I had no primer on and this how pigmented and long lasting they are wet with no primer! it says on the packaging that the neons are for eyeliner but of course they can be used as eye shadow... ohhhh  maybe that's why the texture felt different to the neutrals?! lol anyway I love neon eyeliner so this is so my go to colours/palette for neon eyeliner! maybe you might not wanna wear bright eyeliner or eye shadow but seriously try it, its gorg and its something different to maybe something you have not tried before or you usually wear. to apply wet: Just wet your brush with either water or mac's fix + spray and dip into the shadows to apply wet or you can mix the eye shadows with water or fix + spray. (for this method I prefer fix + it worked so much better then water) btw the pink was my favourite wet and not just because pink is fav colour!

(neutrals wet with no primer)
Again these neutrals are so much more pigmented wet and absolutely gorg! they look very metallicy and the white is showing up so much more and is so pigmented now! I still recommend a primer when using these eye shadows wet especially for the neutrals.

So overall do I like this palette? YES! This is a amazing palette and I learned new things about this palette when I was writing this blog post lol I definitely recommend you buy this palette.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

DIY: make your own makeup remover wipes

Hey everyone, I'm back with another DIY! I found this on beautylish and it's a really cheap and easy way to make your own makeup removing wipes. I go through wipes really quickly and it would be so easy and cheap to make these at home, especially if you ran out. I can't wait to try these out! So if you do try this, let me know in the comments if you liked it and how it turned out.

You will need

Microwaveable bowl
Purified water
Coconut oil (we used
RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream)
Tear-free baby wash
Container with a lid that snaps into place (a clean sour cream or yogurt container works well)
Roll of paper towels (select-a-size works best)
Utility knife


1: In a microwaveable bowl, mix 2 cups of purified water, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 squirts of baby wash.
Warm the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds and stir. Now you’re ready for the “wipe” part of the project!
2: Measure the paper towels to fit into the container and cut them width-wise with a sharp knife to fit.
3: Place the roll into the container and pour your makeup remover mixture over it.
Replace the lid and turn the container over to soak. Leave for five minutes, then turn it over and remove the cardboard center.
4: Cut a small “X” in the lid to pull the wipes through.
That’s it! Store according to your laziness level (we’re putting ours next to the bed).
On-the-go tip: Want wipes in your suitcase or gym bag? Pull some sheets out and store in an airtight tupperware container. They’ll keep for a few days. 
click here to see where i found this awesome DIY!

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Update on my youtube channel!!

First just a quick apology for not updating my blog, i have just been really busy. hopefully i will be updating my blog more often, cause i finally got my laptop! + A update video... and an apology for not making any videos IN AGES!!!

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Last minute Mothers day gift guide!

Mothers day is just around the corner! From all the stuff your mum would do for you, from feeding you as a baby, working for money to look after and how much she loves You, I think our mums deserve a little something. Whether its a card or breakfast in bed, will be those little things to show her you love her and to just say "thank you for all you have done for me"

(so sorry this is up so late, I have been busy and have not been to get around since I'm on crutches. I made this blog post days ago and have not had a chance to finish it!)

Breakfast in bed!

I used to always give my mum breakfast in bed on mothers day. I would usually wait until she wakes up and ask her what she wants and I make it for her! You could ask your mum what she wants or you could try this yummy recipe I found on It's called Baked ricotta with roast tomatoes and bacon! You could also top this up with some orange juice if you like. Recipe: click here

What mum does not like perfume? There's so many to choose from! from her favourite singer's perfume, to famous brands like marc jacobs etc. one place i love and found heaps of different perfumes from is priceline!

Lady gaga FAME 30ml $29
Taylor swift enchanted wonderstruck 100ml $59

Mariah carly lollipop bling honey $100ml $29
Juicy couture 100ml $59

Every woman loves to keep there skin looking young and beautiful, so i picked olay products which some are aging treatments. You have to admit we are not getting any younger! plus its nice to slap on a mask, relax and your mum would love these to... i know mum uses and loves olay products.

Olay Regenerist Eye-Roller with Anti-Aging Eye Serum 6.0 ml $32.49
Olay Regenerist Facial Masks 5.0 pack $39.99

Olay Moisturising Lotion 75.0 ml

Olay Pore Minimisation Cleanser & Scrub 150.0 ml $13.99

In essence candle vaporiser & plate set

i thought i should throw something nice in that is
designed for use with pure essential oils to
create your own personal aromatic environment;
at home or office.
If your mum is into makeup then this is perfect for her! some of this stuff is from coastal scents which are in palettes, that have plenty of colours to choose from and is great for traveling and beginners. i also picked out
some stuff from sigma and e.l.f!

Coastal scents eclipse concealer palette $14.95

e.l.f Essentials shimmering facial whip $2.00

e.l.f Essential super glossy lip shine SPF 15 $2.00

Sigma essential makeup brush kit $98