Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY: lady gaga born this way jacket

Here is how to make lady gaga's born this way jacket!

What you will need:
Jacket, denim or leather (i'm using a denim jacket which i got from the op shop, you can use an old one, buy a new one or second hand)
Gold and black fabric paint (i used reno art acrylic paint)
glue (hot glue gun, i used selly's multi grip glue)
paint brushes
glitter (optional)
picture of lady gaga's born this jacket

method:using the picture of gaga's jacket, you can print one out and trace or draw by hand. i copyed a picture of gaga's jacket a drew on paper and then cut it out and traced around it onto my jacket of the words and unicorn.
now start painting, using a paint brush, paint the words and unicorn with gold fabric paint (reno art acrylic paint). paint at least 2 or 3 layers.
my mum did this bit because she was worried i was going to stuff up because YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO FIX IT!
using a sponge and black fabric paint, sponge around the words and unicorn. i also used a thinner sponge to get into the thinner/smaller gaps.
using glue (hot glue gun or what i used, selley's multi grip glue) and yellow/gold rhinstones/gems (on gaga's jacket she has circle rhinstones but i could not find circle ones so i used teardrop rhinstones and square. i also ran out of the yellow ones and had other ones which were different shapes and colours.
glue on the rhinstones to the words.
after that your done! i decided to make mine a little bit more colourful and added some pink glitter.

And your done hope you enjoy your born this way jacket! i could not wait to wear mine to the born this way ball :D paws up!


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