Sunday, 10 June 2012

Update and Born this way ball outfit!

I'm sorry I have been away for a while and not posted anything! The computer guy has got my lap top because my screen is broken and is getting fixed so I will be using my iPad, but still won't be able to post much.

I'm sorry I have not go the lady gaga nail tutorial up yet but I will have it up soon because I'm going to the born this way ball aka lady gaga's concert in 20 days and I'm trying to get my outfit ready.

Hair: white wig with light pink extensions, black headband with studs.
Makeup: I'm not really sure but I'm thinking black, big, thick, winged eyeliner and maybe red lips but still not 100% sure.
Nails: lady gaga pointy nails.
Top: not sure yet.
Jacket: born this way denim jacket with the unicorn on it.
Bottom's: maybe black ripped leggings.
Shoes: I'm not sure about my shoes but maybe high heel boots with studs on them.

I'm going to do a video on klip of everything I'm wearing and will also post it to my blog. I will also be doing lady gaga nail tutorial on what I'm wearing to the BTW ball and also the nail tutorials I said I would post!
And I will also be doing a DIY video on how to make the born this way jacket with the unicorn, and how to do my hair and more of my outfit. (pictures down below of my lady gaga nails, born this way jacket, Bottom's and hair)
My klip video for my nails for the born this way ball and more Klip Http://
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