Monday, 12 November 2012

10 Cute summer loving outfits!

Hey beauties! i was reading my dolly magazine yesterday and came across to page 19 and they have these cute clothes you can buy. dolly even put together 10 cute outfits, that you check out by using the free app viewa! check out below how to and my 4 fave outfits i picked out.
(you will only be able to check out these 10 outfits with the november 2012 dolly magazine)

pg. 19 on dolly magazine, you can check out where you can buy these and prices!

My 4 fave outfits: 

Just pretty, casual outfit
for i guess a day shopping
at the market!
I love this outfit, i especially
love the animal print belt!
This top is gorgeous!
great for the beach and going swimming.
This is probably my fave outfit
out of them all! its great for shopping,
or just hanging out with friends.
1. you will need this months dolly magazine
(november 2012)
2. Download the free app viewa, click on
the 3 little lines on the bottom left corner
and choose a channel. you will need to choose
dolly, durrrr.
3. Go to page 19, hold the camera (ipod touch/iphone
ipad) over the whole page and wait for it to
load and wholla!
dolly website!!

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