Thursday, 9 May 2013

Last minute Mothers day gift guide!

Mothers day is just around the corner! From all the stuff your mum would do for you, from feeding you as a baby, working for money to look after and how much she loves You, I think our mums deserve a little something. Whether its a card or breakfast in bed, will be those little things to show her you love her and to just say "thank you for all you have done for me"

(so sorry this is up so late, I have been busy and have not been to get around since I'm on crutches. I made this blog post days ago and have not had a chance to finish it!)

Breakfast in bed!

I used to always give my mum breakfast in bed on mothers day. I would usually wait until she wakes up and ask her what she wants and I make it for her! You could ask your mum what she wants or you could try this yummy recipe I found on It's called Baked ricotta with roast tomatoes and bacon! You could also top this up with some orange juice if you like. Recipe: click here

What mum does not like perfume? There's so many to choose from! from her favourite singer's perfume, to famous brands like marc jacobs etc. one place i love and found heaps of different perfumes from is priceline!

Lady gaga FAME 30ml $29
Taylor swift enchanted wonderstruck 100ml $59

Mariah carly lollipop bling honey $100ml $29
Juicy couture 100ml $59

Every woman loves to keep there skin looking young and beautiful, so i picked olay products which some are aging treatments. You have to admit we are not getting any younger! plus its nice to slap on a mask, relax and your mum would love these to... i know mum uses and loves olay products.

Olay Regenerist Eye-Roller with Anti-Aging Eye Serum 6.0 ml $32.49
Olay Regenerist Facial Masks 5.0 pack $39.99

Olay Moisturising Lotion 75.0 ml

Olay Pore Minimisation Cleanser & Scrub 150.0 ml $13.99

In essence candle vaporiser & plate set

i thought i should throw something nice in that is
designed for use with pure essential oils to
create your own personal aromatic environment;
at home or office.
If your mum is into makeup then this is perfect for her! some of this stuff is from coastal scents which are in palettes, that have plenty of colours to choose from and is great for traveling and beginners. i also picked out
some stuff from sigma and e.l.f!

Coastal scents eclipse concealer palette $14.95

e.l.f Essentials shimmering facial whip $2.00

e.l.f Essential super glossy lip shine SPF 15 $2.00

Sigma essential makeup brush kit $98 

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