Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beauty basics: makeup brushes!

To achieve the look you desire, you need the right tools. (brushes) from sponges to eyelash curlers - all a key part of your makeup routine and will help you to achieve the look you desire. Investing in a good quality, basic set of brushes is something you will need to achieve your look, make your application easier and the tools themselves will last longer.

I will show you the basic tools you will need, what they are for and some brushes I Recommend. (if you want to know how to clean your brushes go see my post on How to deep and spot clean your makeup brushes)


Flat brush:
A flat brush is used to apply eyeshadow to the lid. Use a flat brush by patting eyeshadow all over your lid. I like bigger ones because I have more bigger eyes and more lid space, and I also like stiff ones because they pick up more eyeshadow. Use a smaller flat brush if your have less lid space and smaller eyes.

Sigma E60 large shader $5.99

e.l.f studio eyeshadow 'C' brush $14

Dome Crease brush:
A domed shaped crease brush is for a applying eyeshadow to your crease and is also perfect for creating a more smokey eye. You can also get a soft dome shaped brush that is designed for blending, which is a softer more bigger brush, though you can get thinner/smaller ones Especially if your concentrating colour in a certain area.

Sigma E47 - shader - crease $12

e.l.f essentials blending eye brush $2

Pencil brush:
This is used to smudge eyeliner or apply eyeshadow to your top or bottom lash line.

Sigma E30 - pencil $12
e.l.f studio small smudge brush $5.99

Eyebrow and lash comb:

Used to brush and neaten eyebrows and to comb mascara clumps out of eyelashes.

e.l.f studio brow brush $5.99


foundation brush:
A flat brush that has soft bristles that are held tightly together to apply and blend foundation.

Sigma F60 - foundation $18

e.l.f studio angled foundation brush $5.99

Powder brush:

Is used to apply powder all over the face. It can be used to apply blush or bronzer also.

Sigma F20 large powder $29

e.l.f essential powder brush $2

Stippling brush:
Used to stipple foundation on your face creating a more flawless, airbrush finish.

Sigma F50 - duo fibre $23

e.l.f studio stipple brush $5.99

Contour brush:
This brush is used to apply a darker powder (like bronzer) under your cheek bones and other places of your face to contour your face, making your check bones stand out and your face to appear slimmer. I like to contour to mainly make my face appear slimmer in certain areas and it also give my face a more tanned look cause I have really pale skin.

Sigma F05 - small contour $18

Blush brush:
Used to apply blush to your cheeks by applying it on the apples of your cheeks and sweeping up to the top part of your ear.

Sigma F10 - powder/blush $21

e.l.f studio blush brush $5.99

Angled blush/contour brush:
This brush is not necessary but I like to use it to apply blush and to contour my face. But I recommend this to makeup artists.

Sigma F40 - large angled contour $19

e.l.f essential blushing, bronzing and blending brush $2


Lip Brush:
This is used to apply lipstick to your lips to create a more precise easier application. This is def recommend to makeup artists.

Sigma L05 - lip $12

e.l.f essentials lip defining brush $2

Disposable lip Brushes:
These are optional but if your doing someone's makeup you will need these, You do not want to double dip and spread germs... it's just very un-hygienic! You could use a lip brush and spot clean it after every application but when using lipgloss it's a little harder to get out of the tube. So that's why you need lip gloss applicators/disposable lip brushes for lip gloss.

Other tools and disposable stuff:
This stuff i recommend to anyone especially makeup artists.

Eyelash curler:
This scissor-like tool has rubber pads that press on the lashes giving them extra lift and curl. they are used for upper lashes and can be used before and after mascara application.

These are metal and angled and the end, used to remove unwanted hairs.

These come in many shapes and sizes, wedge ones are the best to apply and blend foundation and to get around the area's like your nose and eyes.

powder puff:
Used to press on face powder to give a smooth finish and keep foundation in place.

Cotton wool pads and balls:
disposable pads and balls, Used to remove makeup and apply toner and loose powder.

Cotton buds:
Can be used to dip in makeup remover to fix up any makeup mistakes.

pencil sharpeners:Make sure to get one specially designed for lip and eye pencils because a ordinary pencil sharpener will break the soft led in the pencil.

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