Friday, 18 May 2012

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     Klip is a video sharing app that is available on the iphone/ipod touch and ipad and is free on the app store.

I have this app and make beauty and fashion videos, i want to share this with you because i have a lady gaga nail tutorial coming soon that i will be posting to my blog and really want to post a video also that you guys can watch. I have so many other really cool makeup and hair tutorials so please follow and enjoy! my username is: beautymonster

click here > follow me and watch my videos! NOTE: this will take you to the klip website and show you my profile, you can still watch and share videos on the computer but you   can also get this app on the iphone/ipod touch and ipad. also i have not posted much because i have been sick. i am also really sorry i have not got the lady gaga nail tutorial up yet, hopefully it will be up soon!

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