Sunday, 6 May 2012

poster idea's

This is perfect for things to stick on your wall! Most things on my wall are posters of lady gaga and my fav tv show "the vampire diaries" lady gaga's fashion and stuff from magazines and yes i have to say "tweety bird" i love tweety!

(top middle and bottom 3 posters) are pictures of lady gaga printed out and laminated.
I went into google images and searched lady gaga, chose the pictures i wanted and
put them onto a word document, made them bigger and printed them out.
Then i cut a bit off the ends of the picture (to make it the shape and size i wanted)
and laminated it. (I did this at school and got permission from the teacher to do this and
to use the printer and laminater.)

As you can see my pictures are already laminated, i did this at school but you can do this
at home if you have a computer, printer, laminater and laminating sheets.

this is cheap and easy for posters to stick on your wall, you can choose anything you like as
the picture on your poster like your fav singer, actress, fashion, anything
I have some more idea's you could use! (the guy on the right is my fav actor and is soo hot! and the one on the right
has 2 main characters from the vampire diaries (my fav tv show)
i got these posters from the australian teen magazine "Dolly" they have lots of posters in the magazine
every month and sometimes come with dolly posters!
I also have a giant lady gaga born this way poster from kmart.
you could stick up your fav fashion like this one
of lady gaga's "The wildest wardrobe in pop"
from the news paper. and of course stuff you like
from the news paper!
Oh and if you have a fav footy team you can stick up posters on your wall of them (this is geelong cats from the afl football) i got this poster from my local post office when the cats won the frand finals last year.

Another big thing i thought i should put out there is make sure to use glue tack to stick up your posters! (if you have a old house like mine with walls that have not been painted in years, make sure to use a small amount of glu tack because it will peel off the paint from your wall.)

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