Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy gagaween!

Happy late Halloween everyone! Yes I know I'm watching the vampire diaries season 3 in my bedroom and it's 2:48am as I'm writing this so Halloween was yesterday. So I decided to make this blog post just to show and tell you what I did for Halloween lol you know what? I did nothing, to be honest I had no idea it for Halloween until seeing tweets and my aunty told me its Halloween. So omg it's today (yesterday) because I was wondering when it was. in my country (Australia) we don't celebrate Halloween some people do, they like to dress up, kids in my st go around trick or treating. So what I really did was went swimming with my aunty, brother and my cousin. And then when I got home I decided to do some gaga makeup for Halloween for the last few hours left of Halloween this year. And then I watched scary movies and that's pretty much it! I know boring but I hopefully will do something for Halloween next year and do some tutorials for Halloween if your wondering why no videos were up on my YouTube channel, my laptop has a virus so I couldn't but anyway that's it enjoy the picture of my makeup that I did for gagaween :)

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