Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Unboxing and review of lady gaga fame EAU DE PARFUM

A few weeks ago i wen't shopping and wen't to myer, in a different town because they have some shops that where i live we do not have. So since i was near myer and i had to wait so long to get fame (because it was not out in my town at the time) because well i could NOT wait that long for FAME! i mean come on who can? well anyway here is a unboxing and review of lady gaga FAME eau de parfum.
in myer 

in myer at the front of the counter
at myer with my fame bag

this is whats inside the bag:
fame roll-on perfume, fame sunglasses, fame perfume, and
2 fame samples

also what came inside the bag. this is a double sided
fame poster

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