Thursday, 20 December 2012

last minute Christmas/holiday gift guide! 2012

So yes i'm a little late but i did not realise that christmas is only like 5 days away! But i though maybe this could be a last minute holiday gift guide. All off this stuff is from online but if you order now you might get it early and it could be a late gift to someone for christmas!

Helen Green Society6

I did a post on it showing some Lady gaga stuff you could get for a little monster but helen green does have stuff that's not just all lady gaga, there's lana del rey, matt bellamy, marilyn monroe and more! Put a smile on someones face, with something like a ipod case or t-shirt with there idol on it.

I've Got A War In My Mind Art Print

I've got a war in my mind
ART PRINT / MINI (7" X 10")


ARTPOP Princess VI T-shirt

ARTPOP Princess VI


Newbeauty - TestTube

I love this site, i have never gotten anything from it but i came across to this when i watched a unboxing video of one of the testtube's on youtube.
You can get one every month with new beauty products in it, from lots of different brands, and a magazine, giftcards and more! Perfect for someone who loves makeup and beauty!

This months beauty testtube $29.95 $250 value!



I love but again i have never bought anything from here but they have great clothing and shoes for both women and men, they are a little pricey. They ship world wide... i think but i know they do in countrys like AU, US and UK and i think there is a sale right now on %50 off so be quick!


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