Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My new hair colour!

Hey beauties! So i got my hair dyed back in november at the hair dressers, i thought that it would be best to leave it to the professionals since they would know the right colour i wan't.

One day i was just looking at some pictures of gaga's brown hair and thought straight away i thought, thats how i wan't my hair! No i did not get it done like gaga's cause i love gaga, i just love the colour and thats how i wan'ted it. So i showed a picture to my mum and asked if i can get my hair dyed like this? She said yep straight away! :D My mum booked an appointment the next day and it was booked on the 22nd of november... so basically a week early. So i did announce it on twitter i was getting my hair dyed, because i was so excited, because i have never had my hair dyed before!

So it was one week later, the 22nd of november, time to go to the hair dressers! :D my mum had already 2 other appointments booked that day for my brothers, So once i got to the hair dressers, i had to wait a few minutes and then i sat in the chair. the lady put like some kind of apron to protect my clothes from the dye! my mum had to leave to pick up one of my brothers from an appointment, she also went home in the cool for a while and came back later for me. When she was about to leave she sounded a bit worried about leaving me by my self, cause she was like "you have my number if you need me?" lol. ANYWAY so i showed the lady a picture of how i wanted my hair and she said it was more of a copper and said so do you want like this or just light brown like i said but i got like what the picture which was light brown with copper! She did my roots last because she highlighted it a bit to... i think! So i'm waiting... waiting... waiting and finally she could rinse it out. another girl rinse out my hair and washed it to! She rinsed it over the sink while i was lying back it a comfy chair :) and then she used shampoo and conditioner and some type of wash out softning/conditionering stuff. But whatever she used on my hair was amazing because my hair was so soft and so much more manageable after that! the one thing i did not  like, is that she was digging her fingers into my head! and then after she dryed my hair with a hair dryer she kept burning my scalp becasue the hair dyer was getting really hot!! but it's ok, my hair turned out really good. i love it, i'm so happy with it and i'm glad i got my hair done, it feels so much better now and so much more manabale. Oh and i also got a little trim, just to get the dead ends off.

So you should leave in the comments, your experience at the hair dressers/salon or do a blog post on it to and leave a link below cause i would love to check it out.

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