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Review: Australis neutrals and neons eye shadow & eyeliner palette

 Last week I went shopping at priceline to go shopping to buy some new makeup that I wanted to try + they were having a sale, so I just had to buy something! I picked up this palette from australis, that I sooo had to get, it had some beautiful colours in it and I really wanted try it out. And so far I love this palette! I don't think I have ever done a review before so I thought i would do one. I will be having more reviews on australis cosmetics, so stay tuned for that.

You have your neutral eyeshadows on the top row and your neons on the bottom row.
These eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry and used as eyeliner. (swatches down below of them wet and dry)              

The palette is a shiny black case with a big print of the 'australis' logo.

A tick on my yes list is australis cosmetics loves animals (free of animal testing!)

The palette did come with a applicator but I lost it. it had one side for applying the eye shadow as you normaly would and then it had a angled side for applying it as eyeliner. I prefer to use brushes but a applicator might be good for traveling or if any of you are in a rush or are just starting out with makeup. It also has a really decent sized mirror, which I love! I hate palettes that come with a really tiny mirror! it should not come with a mirror at all if its not a decent size mirror. As for the shadows, we have a white base, a medium brown, a light brown and a dark brown for the neutrals and a blue, orange, green and pink for the neons. 

(Neons dry, with a primer)

When I was swatching the eye shadows I noticed how different the texture was with the neons prepared to the neutrals.
The neutrals are very smooth and powdery and the neons feel more hard and smooth and less powdery... or it that just me?
Except the pink was more the texture of the neutrals and first 3 neons I guess are the odd ones out!

The colours are very pigmented especially the neons but the white eye shadow took a couple of layers to build up the pigmentation! (btw the white shadow is not showing up on camera very well but it is much more pigmented then it looks) and pink I found the most shimmery or almost sparkly.

(Neutrals dry, with a primer)

I think you definitely need to use a base or primer. I used for the swatches in these pictures a white matte eye shadow  primer, so the colours are more vibrant and will last longer. I also swatched the shadows with no primer and I noticed they wore off very quickly after swatching them and the ones with a primer on my other arm are actually still very there but the ones with no primer were on bare skin. but the first time I wore these eye shadows, I had no primer on and they still were very pigmented and lasted longer but I think its because I had concealer on my lid!

(Neons wet with no primer)

I did not realize that I had no primer on and this how pigmented and long lasting they are wet with no primer! it says on the packaging that the neons are for eyeliner but of course they can be used as eye shadow... ohhhh  maybe that's why the texture felt different to the neutrals?! lol anyway I love neon eyeliner so this is so my go to colours/palette for neon eyeliner! maybe you might not wanna wear bright eyeliner or eye shadow but seriously try it, its gorg and its something different to maybe something you have not tried before or you usually wear. to apply wet: Just wet your brush with either water or mac's fix + spray and dip into the shadows to apply wet or you can mix the eye shadows with water or fix + spray. (for this method I prefer fix + it worked so much better then water) btw the pink was my favourite wet and not just because pink is fav colour!

(neutrals wet with no primer)
Again these neutrals are so much more pigmented wet and absolutely gorg! they look very metallicy and the white is showing up so much more and is so pigmented now! I still recommend a primer when using these eye shadows wet especially for the neutrals.

So overall do I like this palette? YES! This is a amazing palette and I learned new things about this palette when I was writing this blog post lol I definitely recommend you buy this palette.

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