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How to deep and spot clean your makeup brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is very important, especially if your a makeup artist doing makeup on other people. It should be part of your beauty routine. You do not want to be putting all that makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria build up back on your face, which can cause You to break out! So it's very important to keep your makeup brushes clean. You should be deep cleaning your makeup brushes once a week and you can spot clean your brushes everyday. I will show You a cheap and easy way to deep clean and spot clean your makeup brushes.

What you will need:
Mild shampoo or baby shampoo
Olive oil
Plate (optional)
Clean towl

Deep cleaning: 
You should deep clean your brushes as least once a week to remove makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria. There are specially formulated makeup brush shampoos but they can be quite exspensive! coastal scents and e.l.f have a cheap brush shampoo you could try. I have never tried them but you can always look up some reviews. I think they are pretty popular cause they are usually always sold out!

1. Start by wetting the bristles under Lukewarm water. You are only wetting the bristles, so try to avoid the metal piece of the brush where the handle meets the head, as this can loosen the glue from the bristles and your brush will fall apart.

2. get a plate and squirt some baby shampoo and olive oil on the plate, dip the tip of the bristles in the baby shampoo and olive oil and work a lather into your hand. This is working in the products to the hairs and cleaning all the makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria build up. (the olive oil is to soften the bristles and it will also break down any waxy stuff like lipstick, eyeliner etc and remove any makeup stains to make the hairs go back to its original colour. the shampoo is cleaning everything and removing all the makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria)

3. Rinse the brush hairs under running lukewarm water, repeat this step while squeezing out the water from the bristles until it runs clear.

4. Wipe the bristles with a clean towel/tea towel to remove any access water, while reshaping the bristles.

5. Lay your brushes flat on a towel to air dry. Do not have the hairs facing up as the water will sink into the brush and loosen the glue from the hairs, as this will make it fall apart.

Spot cleaning:
This is something you can do everyday, after every time you use your brushes. This is a good method and is also very important especially for makeup artists because for example you use a eyeliner brush on someone and then don't clean it and use it on someone else, and they might get a eye infection or something! Also to clean the bristles from like when you use a black eyeshadow and then you use another colour but that black eyeshadow ends up on your face/your clients face and messes up your look! And it keeps the brushes clean Inbetween applications. Again there are brush cleaners specially for spot cleaning, the only one I can think of that you can try, that is really good (but quite exspensive!) is the one from Mac. 

What you will need:
Makeup wipe
Paper towel

Using a clean makeup wipe, wipe the bristles on the wipe until no colour comes off. Then just wipe the bristles on a clean dry paper towel to dry them or just give them a few seconds or a minute to dry.

And there You have it! Squeaky clean, soft and makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria free! 

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