Thursday, 5 April 2012

DIY: chocolate face mask

This mask will really clean and help get rid of acne and acne scars!

What you will need:
Cocoa powder or Cocoa butter
Organic honey
Natural yogurt.

.One desert spoon of cocoa powder and put it into a bowl
2. One desert spoon of organic honey and put that into the bowl and mix
3. One desert spoon of natural yogurt and again mix
4. put into the fridge for a few minutes
. Now apply to your face with a foundation brush (anything you like)
                                                 avoiding the eye area
6. now leave mask on for 25 minutes (if there is some left over you put it into the fridge for next time or apply the rest to your body such as your neck)
7. after 25 minutes rinse off and pat our face dry.

Now dont forget to tone and moisturise to lock in all the moisture and you face for feel clean and refreshed and should help acne/acne scars and cleans any dirt and oil. the ingredients in the chocolate  mask are also very good for your skin.
And you won't break out!

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